Your company doesn’t have a legal department. Maybe it does but it takes weeks to look over a simple contract. You missed that deadline and you lose the job. If only you had an in-house counsel that understood how your business works.


This scenario is all too familiar for SMO’s that don’t have the luxury of and in-house, full-time lawyer. Legalinsite makes available the benefits of a legal service that operates as if it were part of your organisation. By knowing you and your business, we think and act as part of your team.


And wouldn’t you prefer to work with someone IN your team.

We primarily work on-site at your office, thinking and acting as part of your team rather than as an ‘external’ lawyer.

We aim to manage the day-to-day legal matters, advice, reviews and drafting of documents for our clients.  Because we get to know you, your business and your team from the inside out we can give prompt, clear advice specifically tailored to your individual circumstances on a broad range of legal issues.

A key part of our role is also to help proactively identify and improve areas of potential legal opportunity and risk across the business – reducing exposure to legal liability, and helping to strengthen the organisation across the board through better protection of its intellectual property, confidential information, client, supplier and employee relationships and so on.

Veronica Jumeaux, has over 20 years’ experience as a commercial lawyer, working closely with Australian businesses across a diverse range of industries. She has owned and run her own businesses for nearly 20 years, so she understands first-hand the issues and pressures facing small to medium businesses.

Veronica has a strong track record of providing commercially astute legal advice, bringing clarity to complexity, and providing flexible and accessible service.